The Beginning

Protech Sports & Safety Products Private Limited had its debut in the year 1994. The company started with a vision to produce world class sports equipment which would be second to none in performance, safety, style or comfort .

The company with a clear focus on sports goods, specializes in the manufacturing of Cricket Helmets, under the brand name FORMA.

Protech has an infrastructure that supports its own design and development. It has expertise and experience in Product Designing and specific skills for “Impact Absorption Management” for Cricket Helmets.

With great amount of confidence which has been acquired over time , and the enthusiasm of its young team, the company has entered new horizons, to take up new challenges and more importantly translate them into actions with speed and quality that match the needs.

Our factory located in Vadodara, Gujrat houses State Of The Art Technology for production that goes beyond the level of resource utilization and efficiency. We have a skilled work force diligently working to produce the helmets which require a lot of hand crafting, thus each piece comes out with due personal attention. Apart from the Forma Helmets, our company is an OEM for some well known British and Australian Brands. The company exports helmets to several cricket playing countries, namely, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc.
Forma Helmets have consistently been preferred by professional cricketers and some of the biggest stars of the Indian cricket team.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, certified by SAI Global, Australia, and have product compliance certification from British Standards( BSI 7928:2013).

New Introduction

The company has introduced some other Cricket Protective gear like thigh pads, arm guards and chest guards.

The company also plans to venture into other Sporting goods like horse riding helmets, hockey helmets, goal keeping products etc – all of which will be capable of meeting world standards. Ambitious enough the company has in its path planned to manufacture sports accessories catering to games such as baseball, ice hockey and American football.

Extra Protection

The NECK GUARD is an accessory which can be easily attached to the Forma Helmet.This will give an enhanced 360 degree protection around the back of the neck as well.

Forma Cricket Helmets have been designed for any possible injury to the head or the face while playing cricket, and have been rigorously tested for the same. However using the neck guard can make you safer.